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You’ve Heard About Botox, Now Learn More

Botox is an affordable and highly-effective cosmetic procedure that far exceeds its ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  In many cases, it’s utilized for cosmetic purposes, but Botox can also help treat certain health conditions.

The conditions can include excessive sweating, headaches or migraines, muscle stiffness and twitching, incontinence and more. Botox offers a quick and non-invasive treatment that requires minimal recovery time.  The injections block certain chemical signals from nerves.  This allows muscles that cause wrinkles to relax temporarily and reduce wrinkles.

  • FDA approved
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Headache relief
  • Treat persistent sweat plagues
  • Treat Bells Palsy
  • Enlarged prostate? Botox can help!
  • Improve incontinence
  • Improve upper limb spasticity (muscle stiffness and twitching)
  • Budget-friendly cosmetic procedure
  • Treatment and healing can be quick and easy
  • Side-effects have never been reported

What areas can Botox effectively treat?

Soften unwanted forehead lines while preserving their function using Botox injections in the forehead area. Take treatment one step farther using Botox

Botox Browlift can open and refresh tired eyes.


Botox can significantly improve lines of all intensity between the eyebrows. In most cases, results can be noticeable after just one treatment.

Crow’s Feet

“Crow’s feet” can be identified as lines around the eyes. Botox around the eyes should be administered by a highly experienced professional. In most cases, crow’s feet respond favorably to Botox.

Lipstick Lines

“Lipstick Lines or Smoker’s Lines” can be known as fine lines or creases around the mouth. Botox and Juvederm can effectively treat smoker’s lines. Creases can be softened with a small amount of Botox in most cases.


Is Botox a non-surgical treatment?
Yes, Botox is a nonsurgical treatment.

What age group is Botox most effective for?
Botox can be administered and produce the best results for a wide age range.

How long do Botox injections take?
Most treatments can be performed in about 10 minutes. Results typically become noticeable within days of treatment.

How much recovery time does Botox require?
No recovery time is required after Botox treatment.

How long will Botox results last?
In most cases, results can last up to 4 months. Clinical trials report that nearly 90% of men and women that received Botox rated their improvement as moderate to better 1 month following treatment.

After Botox, will my facial expressions remain natural?
While Botox treatment results are visible they are not designed to radically change your face. If done properly your face should not scream, “I had cosmetic work on my face.”

What are the side effects of Botox?
Nausea and eyelid droop are two of the most common side effects following Botox treatment. You may be at an increased risk for side effects if you have ALS, Lambert-Eaton syndrome, or myasthenia gravis. Other side effects can include redness, swelling, tenderness, inflammation, and/or bleeding/bruising.