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Archives for November 13, 2023

New York Medical Spa Leadership: Interview with Roya Jafari Hassad of Doctor Roya Institute

With advancements in technology and increased access to information, individuals are becoming more proactive in managing their own health. However, there are still considerable gaps in professional knowledge and understanding when it comes to healthcare options and resources, and Doctor Roya Institute is leading a mission to fill in the gaps through healthcare awareness.

In this TechBullion interview, Dr. Roya Jafari Hassad, a successful physician, healthcare leader and avid philanthropist from New York,  explains the mission, services and opportunities available at Doctor Roya Institute.

What is Doctor Roya Institute’s mission in the healthcare and anti-aging space? 

We are dedicated to educating and supporting our patients to become the best versions of themselves in three dimensions: physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are committed to increasing awareness and empowering communication while bridging the gaps between patients and healthcare leaders, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Our goal is to encourage them to share their challenges and obstacles, while also providing practical solutions to optimize the quality of care. Our ultimate aim is to create a healthier society and promote happier, more fulfilling lives.

Give us an overview of the main Doctor Roya services, who they are for and what solutions they provide? 

We offer a wide range of medical and aesthetic services designed to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases, as well as enhance beauty and wellness while optimizing health. We collaborate with the most advanced, state-of-the-art science and technologies to maximize the quality of care for our patients. Our services include comprehensive wellness visits, energy medicine, diagnostic labs and tests, aesthetic treatments such as non-invasive face and body rejuvenation, hair loss treatments, weight management programs, the treatment of chronic pain and conditions using non-pharmaceutical alternatives and advanced medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy, biofeedback, cell therapy, and much more.

Patients from New York know you as Dr Roya Jafari Hassad, can you tell us about your Philanthropy efforts? 

My vision for life is to become the best version of myself by continuously optimizing my knowledge and skills. I aim to align this personal growth with the power of my mind, heart, and soul, and then share it with the world with love. My goal is to pass on this light to others and inspire one human being, then one community, then one country, and eventually, one world to do the same. I firmly believe in the value of unity. Love, in my view, is the most powerful medicine.

I also believe that our doctors and healthcare workers need more love and support from our healthcare system, society, and government organizations. Moreover, I think that doctors and healthcare leaders should receive training in other aspects of medicine, including technology, medical management, marketing, and finance. This will enable them to be more available, influential, and less fearful when sharing their invaluable medical knowledge to benefit the world.

Furthermore, I believe that leaders in pharmaceutical companies should engage in philosophy and spiritual awareness courses. By doing so, they can create a more positive impact on the world by demonstrating greater compassion, care, and responsibility toward humanity.

I also hold the belief that the borders of economic status, religious beliefs, and political ideologies should be dissolved among human beings. People should be categorized based on the depth of their knowledge, love, and willingness to share, inspire, and empower others. Wealth, in terms of generosity of heart and mind, should be used to help those with fewer possibilities. This approach will contribute to creating a better, safer world in which we can fully embrace the joy of living in the present moment and appreciate the gift of life bestowed upon us by God. Ultimately, this will allow humanity to experience ultimate freedom and fulfillment.

Where do we see the future of anti-aging and what are your future plans for Doctor Roya Institute? Do you have tips for our readers? 

I truly believe future of medicine is preventive and anti-aging medicine . This fast growing filed will help us to have a better quality of life as long as we are able to utilize it to create a harmony and balance in life . I believe the next generation of doctors and health care leaders will be awaken , highly experienced and educated expert and master in utilizing the power of mind , heart and soul to heal the world , and our main goal in Doctor Roya institute is being part of this amazing revolutionary movement for a better world .


With a core mission of empowering patients to take charge of their physical, mental and spiritual health, the Dr. Roya institute and her team are bridging the gaps in healthcare communication and knowledge in the anti-aging space. Patients’ knowledge of their health and support to talk about their concerns is backed up with practical solutions. With a variety of medical services catering for health, wellness and futuristic potentials in the promotion of quality of life. Delving into philanthropy that targets mostly the medical personnel trainings and their welfare, the institute is gauging a future leaning towards preventive and anti-aging medicine

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