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Medical conditions

Medical conditions can be distressing and debilitating and can severely impact our quality of life. Fortunately, help is on hand with Doctor Roya, who operates a clinic with three New York locations in Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan. An award-winning and internationally recognized physician, Doctor Roya offers treatment for a wide range of conditions including arthritis, back pain, cancer, chronic fatigue, migraines, thyroid disease, and much more. If you’re a New Yorker in need of medical treatment, book a consultation today to discuss your needs.

Discover all medical conditions

The definition of a medical condition is broad and encompasses all diseases, disorders, and lesions. In the field of medicine, the term is often contrasted with cosmetic conditions, which are issues that affect an individual’s appearance without being medically harmful (examples include wrinkles and spider veins). 

While treatment for cosmetic conditions is generally a matter of choice, medical conditions usually need to be treated to improve the patient’s quality of life and prevent the condition from worsening. Some well-known diseases and disorders that can be treated by Doctor Roya include:


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