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Cosmetic conditions

While usually not medically harmful, cosmetic conditions such as sagging skin and cellulite can be a source of significant distress and concern for many people. With the help of an experienced and internationally renowned physician in the field of cosmetics such as Doctor Roya in New York,  you can get personalized treatment for cosmetic disorders to help you get your self-confidence back and transform your life. Browse the range of treatments now. 

Discover all cosmetic conditions treated by Doctor Roya

Cosmetic conditions are defined as conditions that affect a person’s outward appearance and look (i.e. generally their skin) without being an issue from a medical standpoint. 

They can be a source of self-consciousness and worry for many, but the good news is that treatments and products are widely available to target cosmetic problems and leave patients looking younger, healthier, and happier. Cosmetic conditions can affect both men and women of all ages. Some of the most common include:


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