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A seizure is usually very sudden and occurs because of irregular electrical activity in the brain. Some cases are less severe and can barely be noticed while other cases can be more severe.

Seizures can cause changes such as…

  • Behavior
  • Movement or feelings
  • Level of consciousness

Many types of seizures exist and their severity can vary. Depending on where and how a seizure begins in the brain can affect their severity. In most cases seizures last about 30 seconds to two minutes. If they last five or more minutes you should call 911, you have a medical emergency. Seizures are relatively common and often occur after a stroke, illness, and closed head injury. Although the cause of a seizure is often unknown medication can control the disorder in most cases.

Have you experienced a seizure or seizures? Contact Doctor Roya for professional care and seizure management treatment that can transform your life. Doctor Roya is an award-winning, top-rated, and national and internationally recognized physician. Doctor Roya is committed to transforming the lives of others while delivering personalized treatment to every patient.


Have you experienced a seizure? Contact Doctor Roya and discover treatment that can transform your life.

Patient's Testimonies

As someone with a seizure disorder, finding the right treatment has been a constant struggle – until I discovered Doctor Roya Institute. Their integrative approach, which combines traditional therapies with complementary treatments, has significantly reduced the frequency and severity of my seizures, allowing me to live with greater confidence.
- Avery R.

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