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The Best Anti-Aging Doctor in New York

Doctor Roya Jafari-Hassad always puts her patients first and treats them with love, care and compassion.
Each patient is different and she takes the time to understand her patients goals and create a plan to achieve them.

Helping patients live their best life ever

Within last few years after I hit age of 45 I gained a lot of weight. I had experienced extreme symptoms such as hot flashes, lack of energy, depression, body ache, lack of sleep. After two months starting with Dr. Hassad’s program I felt much better, lost over 14 pounds, no more hot flashes. I no longer feel a lack of energy and my sleep apnea has improved significantly. Dr. Hassad made a tremendous positive impact on my life.


Long Island

I had been experiencing sexual dysfunction since my early 50’s and have tried numerous techniques and medications to help improve my problem, none of them have worked. After I started going to Dr. Hassad’s clinic my problem was diagnosed and I was treated appropriately and my confidence was back to normal.


Queens, NY

I had uncontrolled diabetes and blood pressure in the last few years of my life. Resulting with one stroke and two heart attacks along with being on multiple medications and a serious lack of energy. After being on Dr. Hassad’s program my energy level has increased significantly and blood pressure is back in control. I am back in the gym again and exercise without having shortness of breath or chest pain. I highly recommended her to all my family and friends, she is the best doctor I have ever met in my life.


New York, NY

About two months ago I started to have numbness in my right leg and arm, fatigue, and difficult walking. I was evaluated by numerous doctors and all diagnostic me for multiple sclerosis. I was very depressed and thought it was hopeless, until I was referred to Dr. Hassad by an emergency room physician.  After carefully reviewing me she was certain I did not have MS in fact I had treatable disorder called transient myelitis. I was immediately started on appropriate treatments.  In about two week all my symptoms were resolved and I could not be happier. I highly recommend Dr. Hassad to all my family and friends.


Long Island, NY

I was traveling to India last year and was very nervous about contracting an endemic disease in that country. I did some research online and tried to find medical center that offered travel services before my trip. Dr. Hassad’s office was the only practice that had an available opening. Not only did I receive all my required vaccines, I was also educated with all the safety tips to traveling to India along with comprehensive medical evaluation. I highly recommend Advanced Medical Health Services to whoever is traveling around the world.


Long Island, NY

After I reached the age of 50 I started gaining a lot weight and was struggling with dieting and different weight loss programs. Until I met Dr. Hassad, with her careful evaluation I was found to have an hormonal imbalance. She put me on a comprehensive weight loss program. Not only did I lose 27 pounds in 4 months I feel so much younger, more energetic and confident. Dr. Hassad has also helped me with removing all my cellulite from my entire body. I highly recommend Dr. Hassad to anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way and feel great about themselves.


Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn, NY

I was moving from Italy to the USA with my family and was seeking a physician that can offer us vaccinations, specifically for my children. I was recommended to Advanced Medical Health Services; they gave me an immediate appointment and were very friendly. Dr. Hassad’s guidance was very informative and made the transitional move through immigration and preparation a lot easier for my family. Since then Dr. Hassad has become our family physician for my entire family.


Queens, NY

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