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As the Founder of Hope, Life and Dream Centers – the most prominent Antiaging Medical Centers in New York City – Doctor Roya J. Hassad and her team provide services to patients based on 5 pillars that start with the letter “C”:


We approach each patient’s health 360 degrees, while testing and  providing a complete evaluation, then addressing every issue we have identified. We create a comprehensive treatment plan and maximize each patient’s wellness.

Cutting Edge

We provide the most innovative, advanced technology in Anti-Aging & Integrative Medicine, including aesthetic as well as preventive care.


Doctor Roya and her team truly care about each patient’s overall well being! We get to know each patient and address underlying factors.


We are connected with the highest-standard medical health centers nationwide; we are connected internationally to the highest cutting-edge research institutes. Based on those connections, we serve each patient from the inside out.


Our care is based on each patient’s situation and needs. We obtain previous records, make appointments with sub-specialists, provide immediate access to diagnostics and we make arrangements, including transportation and accommodations.

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