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Doctor Roya J. Hassad is the Medical Director of Advanced Medical Health Services and, Founder of Hope, Life and Dream Centers, the most prominent Anti-Aging medical centers in New York. She is an award-winning physician, educator, speaker, evangelist and philanthropist.

Doctor Roya Jafari – Hassad passion for the science of health, beauty and wellness began at a very young age. She has committed her life to becoming a highly-experienced and trusted professional who transforms the lives of others.

She had studied medicine at Iran University of Medical Science (one of the top medical schools in Iran), continuing her education in the US and graduating from St. Joseph Medical Center of family Medicine.  She is a board certified Anti-Aging specialist and has extensive experience in Anti-Aging and regenerative medicine.

Doctor Roya Hassad is affiliated with some of the top medical institutes such as, Mount Sinai/Beth Israel Medical Centers and St Francis Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. Through the years of practice she has been recognized as one of the top Antiaging physicians in the U.S.A. and has always treated patients with the highest standards of quality of care.

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