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Anti-aging physician Doctor Roya is helping people revitalize their health

By Ali Raza


Award winning physician Doctor Roya J. Hassad has been pioneering new treatments for people looking to restore their health, and even those interested in anti-aging.

Founder of the Hope, Life and Dream Center in New York, one of the top anti-aging medical centers in America, Dr. Roya works with patients using a unique 5-pillar approach to evaluate and address every issue before providing a tailored treatment.

With anti-aging experts becoming increasingly in-demand around the world, Dr. Roya has been helping her patients at her center in New York transform their wellbeing. From IV vitamin therapy to bio hormonal treatments, weight management programs and brain wellness regimes, she has been recognised as one of the top anti-aging physicians. Dr. Roya is also affiliated with Mount Sinai and the Beth Israel Medical Centers, as well as St Francis Hospital, having studied the science of health, beauty and wellness since an early age.

Offering in-person visits as well as virtual consultations, Dr. Roya is providing guidance and personalised treatment plans to people looking to make a substantial changes to their lives. This includes testing and screening services on-site in New York. With the growing interest in anti-aging and natural treatments for wellbeing through diet, homeopathy and personal training, people are becoming more aware of how they can start to turn their health around.

Patients also interested in areas such as cellulite reduction, photo rejuvenation, biodentical hormone therapy and stem cell therapy have also been treated at the center.

In her unique approach, Dr. Roya develops a personal care plan that is aligned to each individual, taking an in-depth look at their health and analysing ailments before proposing a specific treatment. Often, traditional doctors look to cure the symptoms of a disease or ailment, rather than the cause, while Dr. Roya goes deeper to see what’s happening in the individual’s life, what their frustrations and pains are, before setting up a program for recovery and rejuvenation.

Have you considered changing your habits and assessing your health goals to transform your life?

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