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Doctor Roya Hassad encourages global executives to take care of their brain wellness for good health

By Ali Raza


Anti-aging physician Doctor Roya Hassad is leading a new medical approach to executive health following the impact of the pandemic. Executive health is an ongoing concern in the workplace and has been a growing ‘silent crisis’ as people’s jobs get disrupted on a global level. The pressure and longer hours for executives is affecting their health in many acute ways. This is especially true as workplace culture shifts and now there’s a need to focus on wellness and physical well-being as executives are experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before.

Doctor Roya, founder of the Hope, Life and Dream Centers in New York, has been working for 20 years to develop treatments to help people restore their health. Recently, she advocated for executives to consider their lifestyle choices including their “brain wellness” to stay healthy. Working with her international clients and on-site in New York, Dr. Roya has developed a unique Brain Wellness programme that helps stressed out executives and individuals rebalance their brain’s neurotransmitters. When out of alignment, people can experience a myriad of health problems ranging from poor concentration to weight problems and mood swings, and it is important to find a balance to keep neurotransmitters in check. 

There are several ways executives can start to improve their overall mental health. Examples include:

  • Working from home one day per week (or every other week)
  • Working from home at least one day per month
  • Taking designated “me time” throughout the day or week
  • Setting alarms throughout the workday for scheduled breaks
  • Encouraging dialogue with employees, family members, friends, or colleagues about mental health issues

However, it’s not always easy to rebalance neurotransmitters in the brain, which have a profound impact on mood, sleep, concentration, weight and a majority of bodily functions. Dr. Roya’s approach is one of personalisation depending on the individual’s circumstances.

With executives working longer hours at multinational companies in Britain and America, there’s been a renewed focus on mental health and brain wellness in the past year, and with more people working remotely, a new approach is certainly needed.

Have you considered a treatment plan to support your brain wellness?

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