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Dr Roya Hassad Prepares To Transform Assisted Living Facilities For The Better

By Ali Raza


Doctor Roya Hassad’s name rings bells within the medical community as someone passionate about her craft with a genuine love for health and wellness. Her natural love for helping others improve their health and wellness would eventually blossom into a fulfilling career. She has since become a family practice physician regularly offering anti-aging medical treatments using both innovation and advanced technology to provide promising results to patients. Known for going beyond the traditional standard level of care, she prioritizes her patients and their needs to ensure they look and feel their absolute best.

The Start of an Incredible Career

Before working as a family practice physician, Dr. Hassad attended the Iran University of Medical Science and would later choose to further her education in the United States, where she graduated from the St. Joseph Medical Center of Family Medicine. She would eventually embark on her incredible journey as a medical professional specializing in anti-aging services that go beyond beauty. The services provided transform lives for the better, allowing patients to age with grace while feeling their best.

Now regarded as a leading anti-aging physician in the United States, Dr. Hassad continues to provide the highest level of care possible while maintaining a friendly and professional bedside manner that leaves patients feeling comfortable. As the founder of the Hope, Life and Dream Center, the leading anti-aging center throughout New York City and beyond, she prides herself in leading by example while providing each client with an incredible experience of the compassionate, cutting-edge care they deserve. Offering an extensive list of treatments to help patients with various conditions, she leaves no stone unturned.

Providing Compassionate Care While Putting Patients First

Although well-known throughout the medical industry amongst colleagues and patients, Dr. Roya Hassad continues to change lives through her work as a physician and educator. It’s not uncommon for her to attend important medical-related events to discuss different conditions, such as infertility, thyroid disease, and arthritis, along with the many advanced treatments available to help patients with these problems. She’s an evangelist and philanthropist who loves sharing knowledge with others in the medical field who can use it for the sake of improving their patients’ daily lives.

While spending the past several years working with hundreds of patients and affiliating herself with leading medical institutions, including the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, she noticed the need for assisted living facilities that put aging adults first. Unfortunately, while it’s possible to find hundreds of assisted living homes throughout the United States, many don’t meet the mark for the latest generation of elders, which bothered her tremendously.

Embarking on the Latest Journey to Offer Better Assisted Living Options

To create a better experience for aging adults who’d like to live in a safe, comfortable environment and receive help when they need it while enjoying a life of luxury, Dr. Hassad has embarked on her latest journey. The journey to open a facility like nothing in existence for aging community members.

The first step was to think about some of the most important things missing from these facilities. Many aging adults tend to feel like they don’t have access to what they want, like, or need when moving into these facilities and calling them home. Understanding the needs of many older adults looking to live comfortably in a space that offers more than the average assisted living facility, she decided to open Villas by Doctor Roya, located in Lake Forest, California. The beautiful, inviting environment offers residents the opportunity to live comfortably in a modern, welcoming space like no other.

The home health care service provides aging individuals with an opportunity to live their best lives while living within close proximity of everything they could possibly need, including shopping centers, pharmacies, and doctor offices. Villas by Doctor Roya takes assisted living to an entirely new level by providing a luxurious space with modern amenities and chef-inspired, organic meals prepared to taste good while keeping residents healthy.

While the modern amenities and high-quality meals are enough for most older adults to make a move to this independently owned living facility, the Villas has much more to offer. These offerings include various activity programs sure to keep residents entertained and active, which is naturally good for them. In addition, different programs are available to meet the needs of various residents, ensuring no one gets left out and everyone has the opportunity to experience fun and entertainment while living on the premises.

Providing Better Care Every Step of the Way

There is a reason Dr. Roya Hassad has won numerous awards and was selected as the top family physician for two consecutive years in a row during 2016 and 2017. It’s because of her genuine commitment to excellence. While working closely with patients, she uses her vast knowledge and years of extensive experience in different fields, including women’s health, anti-aging medicine, and family health, to surpass each patient’s expectations. She addresses their concerns, listens to what they say when discussing their health, and creates a customized treatment plan based on their needs. Not only is she impressing those in the office, but also those around her with her willingness to listen, understand, and problem-solve while working as an advocate for aging adults.

Her commitment to care doesn’t stop in the office. Having learned so much about aging Americans and what they wish to have access to when moving into assisted living, she came up with the idea of creating the Villas by Dr. Roya, putting her heart and soul into the process of shaping it into what it’s become. Because of Dr. Roya Hassad, aging adults and their loved ones can enjoy having peace of mind.

Any older adults that would like to find a safe, comfortable, and luxurious place to stay while having access to fun and exciting activities and opportunities to meet new people will benefit from moving to the Villas. Tours are available for those interested in seeing what the facility is like and learning more about what it offers to its residents!

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