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Dr. Roya J. Hassad

By Ali Raza

Doctor Roya J. Hassad is an award-winning family physician educator, speaker, evangelist, and philanthropist. With three locations on Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan, Doctor Hassad is the Medical Director and Founder of the Hope, Life and Dream Centers, the most prominent anti-aging medical centers in New York. Doctor Hassad and her dream team have built the go-to anti-aging centers because of their strong collective commitment to the five C that are based on being: Comprehensive, Cutting Edge, Compassionate, Connected, and Concierge. Doctor Hassad herself leads the way in approaching every patient’s health with a 360 degrees assessment that leads to a comprehensive treatment plan treated with only the most cutting edge and innovative anti-aging technology. While other anti-aging medical centers may focus on technology only, Doctor Hassad and her team deliver it with compassion, staying connected with concierge service that ensures patients leave happy and rejuvenated on the inside and out.

Becoming a leader in her field did not happen overnight. Doctor Hassad’s passion for the science of health, beauty, and wellness began at a young age. Once she realized her calling, Doctor Hassad made it her life’s mission to develop an expertise in anti-aging, cosmetic, and weightloss solutions. Very early on, she realized that it would take a wide-ranging skill set to tackle all the issues involved in feeling your best. While beauty is more than skin deep, how you look often impacts how you feel, and how other people feel about you.

Understanding those principles inform the problems she treats and medical solutions she offers at her Hope, Life, and Dream Centers. Doctor Hassad and her team treat conditions ranging from addiction, allergies and metabolic and thyroid syndromes. Treatments for the variety of issues she treats can include homeopathy, nutrition and supplements, and executive health. Other common treatments include chemical peels, botox, facials, Fraxel laser, non-invasive mommy makeovers, and vaginal rejuvenation. Though many of those issues can be sensitive to discuss with even the most seasoned medical professional, it’s easy to discuss with Doctor Hassad and her team because of their care and consideration. No detail escapes their attention. No concern is too slight. It’s how Doctor Hassad has built her reputation for being the best.

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