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Dr. Roya reveals Men’s Wellness Treatment Program

By Ali Raza


Leading anti-aging physician and public speaker Dr. Roya Hassad has been helping New Yorkers recover their sense of well-being following the pandemic. 

With her three practices on Bond Street, Park Ave and 75th Street, Dr. Roya is the Medical Director of Advanced Medical Health Services, and founder of the Hope, Life and Dream Centers – catering to clients that want to restore their wellbeing. With over 20 years of experience, the award winning physician has created a range of bespoke health services including her successful Men’s Wellness treatment program.

With men typically living 6 years less than women, and statistically 3x more likely to take their own life following traumas including marriage breakdowns, Dr. Roya has developed a tailored service to support men’s health goals, and remove the stigma when it comes to men looking for treatment. 

Often, men only choose to seek therapy as a last resort or are unable to come to terms with what they are going through. This makes them more vulnerable, especially during a crisis phase. With disruptions in the economy and changes to family relationships, it’s become increasingly important for men to have access to tailored treatment programs that help to resolve their issues. 

Dr. Roya Hassad, who’s been working in the wellness space and speaking publicly about new transformational treatments, has been encouraging men to take better care of themselves in our new 24/7 connected era. Providing patients with alternative treatments including homeopathy, bioidentical hormone therapy and stem cell therapy to name but a few, Dr. Roya continues to bring forward new ways of treating complex conditions. Her unique 5-pillar approach has also helped her clients find happiness and balance in their lives, depending on their circumstances. 

Have you considered a Men’s Wellness program to get you back on track?

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