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How Dr. Roya J. Hassad Capitalizes on Social Media to Share Her Knowledge, Aptitude

By Ali Raza

The world is your oyster, whether you are 26 years old or 56 years young. This statement has become almost axiomatic in the world we live in. Thanks to the Internet and the growth of social media, people of all ages have come to expand their realized potentials.
One such inspiring individual is Dr. Roya J. Hassad, a family physician from New York. By adapting new technology to expand the reach of her knowledge and expertise, she has leveraged social media advantageously. Let’s see what her course of action has been.
The first thing one notices about Dr. Roya J. Hassad is her spirit to break stereotypes. Unlike a traditional doctor, she has been able to hold true to her trendy side.

Remarkably, instead of it being seen as a drawback, her confidence in herself has had a contagious effect on her patients. Her Instagram handle for instance has lots of people admiring her courage to be herself, in turn inspiring others to become their best versions as well.
Another thing that’s immediately apparent when one looks at her social media portfolio is the professionalism. Neat contours, controlled sense of colors, and minimal design have made her social media pages look like the perfect blend of a fashion magazine and a doctor’s journal.
This has had an effect on cementing her image as someone who values her work and her life and has successfully struck a balance between the two.
Dr. Roya’s social media content is not just for her patients but for others as well. It contains dollops of wisdom Dr. Roya has chosen to live by.
From positive quotations to videos of transformation that her patients undergo, her social media profile carries the power to positively affect both the body and the mind.
Last but certainly not the least, Dr. Roya’s social media space is also a place where she demonstrates her ability to build relationships, connect with her patients, and care for those who come to her for help.
Carefully selected snapshots that show her working with her patients, testimonies of people who have experienced change because of her surgeries, and the general “being there” approach have all created an image of someone caring and reliable.
To sum it up, Dr. Roya J. Hassad has capitalized well on the power of social media and managed to encourage the viewers to take the path to positivity and good health.

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