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Meet Influential Anti-Aging Expert, Roya J. Hassad

By Ali Raza

Anti-aging has been a major industry for the last few decades, especially in recent years. Anti-Aging can be achieved through age prevention methods such as nutritional supplements and hormone treatments, or it can be done by treating aging symptoms at their root causes with procedures like facelifts and Botox injections.


For many women, Roya J. Hassad has been an inspiration for their anti-aging treatments. She is the medical director and founder of Hope, Life, and Dream Centers, one of the most prominent anti-aging medical centers in New York City.


Dr. Hassad has significantly influenced how people view age prevention practices such as hormone treatment or facelift surgery. She has challenged the traditional perception that people should receive anti-aging treatment only when they are older. She views anti-aging as part of a holistic lifestyle that women should practice whenever they desire.


Dr. Hassad has been a leader in the field of anti-aging for decades. She says her goal has long been to provide clients with personalized care that would not only help them look younger but also feel better and live a more fulfilling life.


She hails from Iran, where she achieved a degree in medicine from the country’s prestigious Iran University of Medical Science. After moving to the U.S. in the early 1980s, she continued her medical education at New York-based Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and St. Joseph Medical Center of Family Medicine.


Today her dream is being fulfilled as she watches many people come through her doors looking for relief from aging symptoms they have dealt with for decades like chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, or poor-quality sleep, among others. “I am so grateful to be able to serve my community by helping people regain their hope,” says Roya.


In her New York City-based clinic, Dr. Hassad has treated thousands of patients with hormone deficiency disorders related to aging, such as menopause or diabetes mellitus. She’s also developed innovative treatments like Bioidentical Hormones, which mimic hormones found in the human body. Patients know her simply as Dr. Roya.


“Dr. Roya’s evaluations are the most thorough I have ever experienced,” reads a review posted on her clinic’s Google Map address. “I have been checked head to toe!  She leaves no stone unturned.  The detailed evaluations have left me feeling confident and secure that my health is in the right hands.  Thank you, Dr. Roya, for excellent treatment.”


Another reviewer named Melissa Foss provided a more detailed review of Dr. Roya’s clinic.


“Dr. Roya has given me the most comprehensive health care,” Foss wrote on Google. “I did not expect her warmth and dedication upon my first visit, but she took all sorts of advanced tests, and personally checked in on me to find out how I was feeling. She is always available for questions, covers all the bases when it comes to testing, and is a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend Dr. Roya for whatever ails you.”


To learn more about Dr. Roya please visit and follow her on Instagram.

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