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Roya Hassad shares 5 pointers to build a robust reputation

By Ali Raza

Renowned for her medical practice, particularly regarding wellbeing and anti-ageing, Roya J. Hassad has built an astounding reputation in her field. Here, she explains how she has achieved this and how others can follow in her footsteps.

The first step, according to Dr Roya J. Hassad, is to provide a comprehensive service. In her area of expertise, she first generates a bespoke action plan for each patient by ensuring that she has evaluated them thoroughly.

Second, she utilizes novel technologies at the forefront of clinical practice. This means that her work is up to date and she is able to offer patients a variety of options for treatment.

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Third, it is critical to be compassionate toward your patients. While this is, of course, particularly significant in a medical setting, it can nonetheless be applied to any industry.

Roya’s fourth tip is to build and maintain connections within the industry to develop your outstanding reputation. For your name to spread, you need to create a network of like-minded professionals who can recommend your services and about whom you too can speak highly. This is a mutual process. Dr Roya likens her service to that of a concierge, offering excellent service from start to finish.

Roya’s aim is to ultimately develop an optimized healthcare system for Americans. This compassion has helped significantly build her reputation since she left Iran and set up practice in New York City. With a familial presence in various Asian and European countries, Roya has seen the success of healthcare systems in other parts of the world.

By following the five tips outlined in this article, you can build a stellar reputation regardless of the field you work in. Ensure your service is totally comprehensive and makes use of up-to-date ideas and technologies. Offer compassion and build connections across the industry. Most importantly, offer excellence at all stages, as has been done by Roya J. Hassad over the years.

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